The Activities in Santa Barbara, California

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Regardless of whether you are a local or a tourist, Santa Barbara, California is always a great place to wander and stay. There are so many things to enjoy and try, because of its location. When you arrive in the place, you will immediately feel a difference from your usual urban lifestyle. The beach community offers a wide array of activities under the sun. At night, there are also plenty of other items to witness and try. Regardless of what your hobbies or interests are, Santa Barbara is always worth visiting.

When you go to the downtown area of the city, you will find State Street, the main street. Many people believe that it is the center of downtown when you reach the intersection of Carrillo Street and State Street. There are several historical structures in the downtown region. You will also find several types of art and architecture as you go through the place. Try the Red Tile Walking Tour to have a closer look at the city and see the different waypoints and landmarks.

Go to the SB Historical Museum which features several beautiful exhibits, each with its own history and background. Santa Barbara has a rich collection of cultural and artistic pieces, dating back to the 15th century. The museum is found in the middle of the district and showcases some rare items from various parts of the country.

Go to SB Royal Presidio de Santa Barbara, which was the last military fortress built by the Spaniards on the Alta California coast. The site was founded on April 21, 1782 and is one of four military installments before. There is also a State Historic Park that showcases many of the original features of the historic place. It is located downtown at the intersection of East Canon Perdido Street and Santa Barbara Street.

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