Going to Santa Barbara, California

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About 90 miles northwest of Los Angeles is Santa Barbara, California, which is a beautiful city by the beach where locals and tourists flock every year. There are so many things to see and enjoy on this part of the west coast any time of the year.

The city of Santa Barbara includes Montecito and Hope Ranch. The population count is around 90,000, excluding the students who live at UC Santa Barbara. Millions of tourists come to the place every year because of the wonderful sights and experiences. The people of Santa Barbara are generally hospitable, friendly and kind. People generally keep the place clean, and there is a special department that stops graffiti and vandalism. Visitors usually do not have to worry about crime and there are visible policemen everywhere who will lend a helping hand to anyone, even at night. You can visit Santa Barbara, California on your own or bring a whole group. It is great place to be no matter how many people are coming.

There will always be things to enjoy in or close to Santa Barbara. For example, families and honeymooners like to spend a lot of time on the beach, playing with sand, swimming and watching others play water sports. The night life at Isla Vista and State Street are also very lively and fun. There are plenty of great things to witness at the Museum of Art, Hope Ranch, the Arlington Theater or the zoo and botanic gardens. People can also enjoy delectable seafood at various beachside restaurants and bars.

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